Single Products

Spherical coin with 24K Gold Plating

Blue Marble

With a real Jade Buddha

Buddha Gold coin

Super thin filigree sphere coin

Heaven and Hell

5 oz pure Silver
Napoléon Bonaparte 

4-Layer Series


3 oz Silver coin

Magellan 500 years

Official RCM product - MDM exclusive

5 oz Silver Maple Leaf 2021

Pandas Climbing Through Bamboo

The Filigree Panda Coin

"Splash of colour" City Edition

New York City, London & Havana

2oz pure Gold coin with Jade

2500 years Confucius 

Jade & Pearl

Lunar Series "Year of the Tiger" 2022

Mother of Pearl

Lunar Series "Year of the Tiger" 2022

Official RCM Product

Silver Maple Leaf Fractional Set

250th Anniversary