“The Fabulous 15” – Silver Collection 2016

Why should I buy this product? 

  • The most important Silver coins of the world!
  • Each coin is placed in a special “Fabulous 15” square capsule fitted in a luxury high-gloss box.
  • Various issues feature the “f15” Privy Mark!
  • Stroke at the most prestigious mints.
  • Mintage: 10,000 collections worldwide!

   “The Fabulous 15” 2016
 Weight  Up to 31.1 g
 Metal  Silver
 Purity  .900 to .9999
 Diameter (mm)  33 to 40.6
 Quality  BU and Proof
 Issuing Country  Various
 Year Date  2016
 Special Feature  Privy Mark “f15” on various      
 Mintage  Only 10,000 collections
 Face Value  Various