Emerging from the Ocean‘s Depths: The Great White Shark!

The king of the underwater world is realistically depicted on a beautiful 3 oz silver coin with translucent blue Enamel!

Why should I buy this product? 

  • Frighteningly real: The first 3 oz Antique Finish Silver coin with a tremendous great white shark motif!
  • Through Extra High Relief Technique the beast emerges out of the marine-blue Enamel creating a stunning 3D-effect.
  • Each coin is individually numbered which guarantees the authenticity and strict limitation of worldwide only 999 pieces!
  • This is the first coin of a brand new series from Barbados – next issue coming soon!
  • A collection privy mark proofs the authenticity of this coin - exlusive accessories and a Certificate of Authenticity are included.

   Great White Shark 
 Weight  3 oz 
 Metal  Silver
 Purity  .999 
 Diameter  50 mm 
 Quality  Antique Finish
 Issuing Country  Barbados
 Year Date   2018
 Minting Authority  —
 Special Feature 

 Extra High Relief with translucent  Enamel

 Mintage   999
 Face Value   5 Dollars