Premium Size Gold Bar Set “Springbok 2017”!

The beloved South African Springbok design on the world‘s largest 1-gram coin bars!

Why should I buy this product? 

  • Discover the biggest 1-gram coin bars of the world with 3D-volume-effect: That makes them 6 times bigger than normal 1-gram coin bars! 
  • For the first time the iconic bullion motif of the springbok and Africa‘s most famous landmarks in the background are featured with this fascinating new technique. 
  • Strictly limited to only 2,017 sets worldwide!
  • All coin bars show the beauty of Africa’s most famous landmarks.
  • Stored in a dark brown high-gloss box with stunning African pattern. It resembles the shape of coin bars!


  1. The Victoria Falls
  2. The African Savannah
  3. The Kilimanjaro
  4. Cape Town - South Africa
  5. South African Rock painting


 Gold Coin Bar Set

 Weight  5 x 1 g
 Metal  Gold
 Purity  .999
 Dimensions  34.6 x 23 mm, 5.0 mm height
 Quality  Prooflike 
 Issuing Country  Fiji
 Year Date   2017
 Special Feature 

 The biggest 1-gram coin bars with


 Mintage   2,017 worldwide
 Face Value   5 x 5 Dollars