Harry Potter - "Magic Mirror Coin"

"Hogwarts Castle" with the brand new technique: Reflection Minting!

"The Harry Potter Mirror Coin is a spectacular innovation and allows Harry Potter fans to discover the latest and most advanced reflection technology! - Bert van Ravenswaaij, CFO Royal Dutch Mint.


  • Don't miss out on the first "Magic Mirror Coin" minted with the exclusive reflection technique of the Royal Dutch Mint!
  • The "Harry Potter - Magic Mirror Coin" features a beautiful image of the iconic Hogwarts Castle and is a must have for every Harry Potter fan and coin collector.
  • Exclusively available at MDM Wholesale!


 "Magic Mirror Coin"

 Weight 15 g
 Metal Steel
 Diameter  41 mm
 Quality  Prooflike
 Special Feature 

Reflection Technique