First time on Coin Notes: The Seven Wonders of the World!

The first official Gold Coin Notes with classic motifs of the Seven Antique Wonders of the World!

Why should I buy this product? 

  • Brand new subscription program with most famous coin motifs.
  • For the very first time the seven most famous antique wonders of the world are presented on the legal tender 0.5 g pure Gold Coin Notes!
  • The Coin Note Collection stands out by using an advanced minting technique with innovative designs.
  • VAT-free within EU!


Seven Wonders of the World Coin Notes

 Weight  0.5 g
 Metal  Gold
 Purity  .999
 Diameter  90 x 43 mm
 Quality  Prooflike
 Issuing Country  Solomon Islands
 Year Date   2017/2018
 Special Feature 

 Legal Tender Coin Note

 Mintage   10,000 each
 Face Value   10 Dollars