The complete story in 1 Collection!

50 Years Man on the Moon 1969 – 2019: The official subscription program!

Why should I buy this product? 

  • Moments of greatness that defined the 20th century are combined in one beautiful collection.
  • High value for little money – sell these coins below 30 EUR!
  • Magnificent collection takes your customers on a unique journey to the moon with an authentic story line and key events from 1969.
  • 12 masterly crafted Silver-plated copper coins come with innovative and futuristic designs.


 Moonlanding - 12 Coin Subscription Program

 Weight  28 g
 Metal  Copper, Silver plated
 Purity -
 Diameter  40 mm
 Quality  Proof
 Issuing Country  Solomon Islands
 Year Date   2019
 Special Feature 

 Silver Plating, Partial Color Application

 Mintage   19,069
 Face Value   Half Dollar