The Direct Marketing Specialist


For over 40 years, MDM has been building a strong and growing coin market in Germany, Austria & France. With its innovative products and offers MDM has reinvented itself several times and kept its leading position in a dynamic and challenging environment.



MDM’s business is based on successful Direct marketing concepts especially the efficient use of mailing campaigns in multiple marketing channels. As the market leader MDM is committed to:



  • New Name Acquisition
    A strong focus on Target-group tailored ways to enthuse new people for collecting coins as well as offering a wide range of products to meet all the needs of the market           
  • Subscriptions
    Offering high quality products with a strong emotional value as well as focusing on long-term customer relations in continuity schemes   
  • Online 
    In the time of digitalization it is MDM’s goal to also take the role of the innovator in online marketing for coins and collectibles